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How to Seal and Protect a Data Center?

Transcript: How to Seal and Protect a Data Center?

How to Seal and Protect Data Centers:

Boyd’s agile manufacturing enables rapid prototyping, faster turnaround and streamlined supply of high efficiency converted advanced materials. One-shot manufacturing and integrated thermal solutions create thinner, denser, higher-performing Enterprise Electronics.

  • FR V-0 Front and Back Panel Overlays:
    • Custom overlays enable branding with improved safety and enhanced user experience.
  • FR V-0 Air andAcoustic Blocker
    • Improve air-blocking, thermal management, and acoustic absorption.
  • FR V-0 EMI
    • Shielding Reduce electronic malfunction and improve device and signal reliability by blocking unwanted external electromagnetic waves.
  • FR V-0 Baffles for Air Flow Management and Gap Filling
    • After airflow inside the server to efficiently direct it to the appropriate area for cooling.
  • FR V-0 Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
    • Facilitate heat transfer away from sensitive components on the board for improved cooling.
  • FR V-0 Air Leak Sealing and Air Gap Filling Foams
    • Prevent loss of cool air, fill air gaps, and connect pathways for internal airflow optimization.
  • Printed Membrane Switches
    • Printed graphic overlay with integrated electronics for HMI applications.
  • Electronics and Display Integration
    • Integrated solutions and complex functional display assemblies for high end OEMS.
  • Enclosure Housing and Environmental Seals
    • Ruggedize and protect against harsh vibration and liquid, gas or particle contamination to extend product lifetimes.
  • FR V-0 Velcro Cable Management
    • Hook and loop straps to fasten cable and/or wires inside the server assembly.
  • High Temperature Resistant UL 969 Labels
    • Roll labels enable branding with improved safety and an enhanced user experience.
  • Custom Made Nameplates
    • Durably identify and promote the brand and model.

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How to Cool a Data Center? Liquid Cooling System Solutions

Transcript: How to Cool a Data Center? Liquid Cooling System Solutions

Integrated Cloud Data Center Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS)

  • Data Center Chassis Rack
    • Customized integrated cooling systems to enable greatest power density, highest performance, lowest energy footprint and total operating cost.
  • Rear Door Heat Exchanger
    • Dual mode solution with highest efficiency heat transfer from liquid loop to facility air, or with highest heat capture from rack air into facility liquid.
  • Rack Manifold
    • Precision engineered for balanced flow to each unit and designed for lifelong reliable connect/ disconnect cycles.
  • Rear Door Heat Exchanger Fans
    • Software optimized to provide highest performance at lowest energy footprint and lowest noise levels
  • Servers
    • Off-the-shelf or customized liquid cooling systems and components for highest performance, lowest profile, and greatest power density.
  • Rack CDU
    • High performance, efficiency, and reliability hot swap design for maximum operational uptime, fully visible and controllable by facility level management software.
  • Cold Plates and Liquid Loops
    • Optimized for each server and device custom heat profile and skyline to ensure longest lifecycles and unlock maximum performance.

How to Cool a Data Center with an In-rack Liquid Cooling System

Transcript: How to Cool a Data Center with an In-rack Liquid Cooling System

Rack Level Fluid Management for Data Centers

  • Components:
    • Hot Manifold
    • Cold Manifold
    • Server
    • CDU
  • Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)
    • Hot swappable, high reliability modular cooling systems, maximize compute density and uptime while lowering data center energy demand.
  • Rack Manifold
    • Precision engineered to balance flow to each heat source and enable lifelong, reliable connect/disconnect cycles with minimal downtime.
  • Installed Cooling Loop (Assembly Fixtures Not Shown)
    • Handling, shipping, and assembly fixtures assure strict dimensional control and top-down system access for faster cooling loop installation or service and maximum uptime.
  • Inlet: Connects to Cold Manifold
  • Outlet: Connects to Hot Manifold
  • Liquid Cooling Loop
    • Optimize coolant distribution to each heat source for on-demand peak performance with reduce energy consumption and maximized compute power.

What is inside a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)?

Transcript: What is inside a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)?

Boyd Air Cooled CDU

Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

Maximize compute density and lower energy use with Boyd’s modular in-rack liquid to air CDU. Optimize thermal density with facility air exchange systems.
  • Display
  • Power Supply
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Pump with N+1 redundancy
  • Fan Tray
  • Pump
    • High reliability DC pumps with N+1 redundancy come with features to improve efficiency like dry startup or maximize uptime with predictive maintenance monitoring
  • Heat Exchanger
    • Proprietary design, highly efficient tube-fin heat exchangers enable more compact systems that maximize power density.
  • Fan Tray Assembly
    • Dynamically-speed-controlled fans equipped with a standalone controller and N+1 redundancy improve system reliability and efficiency. Higher air flow custom fans available.
  • PLC Controller and Display
    • Easily manage multiple sensors and alarms to maximize power, energy use, and temperature efficiency with the touch screen controller, customizable to different data center network protocols.
  • Power Supply
    • Power supply status monitoring is integrated with the host system for current draw, wattage, and other data feeds to maximize thermal system efficiency.