Resources and Technologies

Boyd’s expertise extends over a broad array of technologies that we utilize to develop and produce effective solutions for our customers.

Some of our technologies enable us to help you control temperature and fluids within a system. Other technologies we implement help ruggedize, optimize or improve the overall safety, quality and appearance of our customers’ products. Independently, the technologies that Boyd utilizes represent innovation, differentiation and commitment to solving customer challenges. But what Boyd does best is combine the utilization of these technologies in unison to create integrated, multifunctional solutions for our customers to help them save cost and time.

We’ve created a learning center for Boyd’s core technologies and expertise offering education and training topics that help explain how we creatively improve our overall value to customers through the use and combination of these technologies. To learn more, please read and research each of the technology types below. Each technology goes into greater detail about what it is, why it is valuable and how you can apply it in your designs. Dig deeper in each sub section to learn more from our breadth of resources.

rotary die cutting machine

Integration Technologies

Combining multiple functions and technologies into a single product

finned heat spreading enclosure

Temperature Control Technologies

Manage heat flow with air, liquid, or two-phase systems or insulation and shielding

fluid control components

Fluid Control Technologies

Seal, contain and transport fluids, or manage air or liquid flow

ruggedized phone in water

Ruggedization Technologies

Improve resistance to harsh environmental conditions like shock, noise, vibration, and foreign debris

medical sensor

Safety Management Technologies

Increase the safety of your product with sanitary components and component organization

heat spreading heat pipe assembly

Optimization Technologies

Meet demanding project requirements like SWAP-CR targets, performance, and overall efficiency

medical device

Product Finishing Technologies

Complete the look and feel of your product with appropriate labeling, durable packaging, and user-friendly interfaces

testing and quality set up

Quality & Sourcing Technologies

Ensure high quality products at lower costs with reliable components produced from streamlined supply chains


Resource Center

View our entire library of resources including case studies, technical papers, blog articles, technical glossary, and videos.

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