Silicone Material Science

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Long service life in many applications

Stable over a wide temperature range and resistant to oxygen aging and ozone aging for more durable products.

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Biologically compatible material

Safe and sterilizable for implantation and other high physiological-contact applications.

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Sustainably derived and reusable

Eliminate disposable products with repeatably sterilizable silicone components derived from silica sand as opposed to oil.

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Silicone Rubber at Boyd

Boyd silicone expertise spans over 40 years including compounding and manufacturing silicone components for medical technology, pharmaceuticals, eMobility, food production, transportation, construction, and aerospace. From silicone tubes, extruded profiles, o-rings and sheets to complex silicone molded parts and assembled products, Boyd’s silicone solutions exceed demanding quality and safety requirements.

Silicone is a rubber derived from silica, making it a sustainable material that is extremely resistant to broad temperature ranges, ozone, and oxidation. Silicone is a physiological compatible material, meaning it can be used in a wide range of medical, food, water, and pharmaceutical applications. Industries such as transportation, automotive, construction, and general industry also leverage the excellent compression set, rebounding, and high quality of silicone rubbers.

Silicone is available in a variety of colors and can meet different material properties and legal standards depending on application requirements. Boyd compounds, molds, and converts silicone components such as tubes, seals, profiles, sheets, molded parts, O-rings and other assembled products.

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Silicone Color Options

Silicone Color Options

The color of silicone components play a key role in many fields such as black coated tubes for light-sensitive drugs in the medical industry or blue tubes for better detectability in the food industry.

In addition to transparent and translucent versions, Boyd’s silicone components are available in standard colors like black, white, blue, green, red, yellow, brown as well as other color variants. The colors can be specified in RAL, NCS or Pantone.

On request, color adaptations and color developments are also possible as well as highly transparent silicones, which can be used as optical silicones.

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