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Recreational vehicles bring the comfort of home wherever your adventure takes you. And that means sealing out the elements of whatever environment you find yourself in.

With a broad portfolio of sealing, protection and thermal management solutions, Boyd provides integrated, lightweight solutions for your RVs. Adept inventory management with regional hubbing makes it easy to deliver to your manufacturing and assembly locations whether centrally located in the Elkhart County area, the South East or West Coast. With decades of expertise, a passion for engineering innovation and the highest value solutions, Boyd is the world leader in sealing technology, thermal management and protection solutions for the RV Industry.

Sealing & Protection Solutions for Recreational Vehicles

Boyd has a fully dedicated and innovative recreational vehicle team focused on providing highly engineered and patented total sealing system solutions that help make RVs better with Boyd. Boyd's RV team, the pioneer of slide-out room sealing, is focused on improving seal design and technology throughout the RV. From RV slide out seals, bottom pans, window assemblies, RV window seals, door seals, finishing trim, and innovative corner molding for fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motorhomes, Boyd has a solution to meet your sealing needs.

Our solutions help improve your operational efficiency and seal performance while reducing your inventory complexity and component weight. Our unique extrusion process enables us to combine multiple features and materials in a single assembly, making D-bulb seals and wipers more complete solutions that require fewer components. Boyd’s modular EK Sealing systems enables customers to easily replace worn seals without the hassle of a full reinstallation. The result is reliable seal performance throughout your RV with long-term protection against UV, water, dust, wind and debris with sealing solutions that are easier for RV owners to maintain and service.

Thermal Management Solutions for Recreational Vehicles

Manufacturers are adding more appliances, electronics like sound systems, infotainment systems, and LEDs lights into Recreational Vehicles. RVs are utilizing more power and benefit from battery installations for on-the-go power supplies or for powering innovative hybrid and electric motors. Each of these new technologies integrated into RVs generate heat and perform best when kept cool.

Boyd is a world leader in developing lightweight and efficient solutions to keep electronics and batteries performing at their peak performance. From extruded audio amplifier heat sinks, LED light and light control systems die cast heat sinks, power conversion and power supply cooling for on board appliances, and more complex liquid cooling systems for battery compartments, Boyd can assist you with the design and manufacturing for adequate thermal management solutions.

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