EMI & RFI Gasketing

Improve signal clarity and integrity by reducing EMI/RFI transmission from seams and openings in electronic devices

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EMI & RFI Gasketing

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Electromagnetic Interference or Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) reduces electronic signal integrity and strength which can cause errors and reduce performance in sensitive communication systems and devices. Seams and openings in electronic devices provide avenues for unwanted energy waves to enter or exit a device, causing erratic performance.

Boyd’s Conductive Foams and Finger Stock are ideal for applications requiring shielding performance as well as high conformability, compressibility, and cushioning. Boyd’s EMI/RFI Gaskets are designed for electronic devices that need tight, conductive contact. The compliance and cushioning properties of these EMI/RFI gaskets enable them to accommodate mechanical tolerance stack up and electrical contact in substrates with great variety.

Conductive Foams are comprised of an elastomeric foam embedded with a conductive element that helps mitigate EMI/RFI. Metallic particles, small metallic wires, or woven metal meshes add conductivity to elastomeric foams like silicone, neoprene, urethane, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or chloroprene rubber.

Finger Stock EMI/RFI gaskets are typically in either Beryllium Copper or Stainless Steel. Finger Stock comes in a broad array of attachment methods such as snap-on, stick-on, clip-on, track, extrusion, weldable, and solderable.

EMI/RFI Gaskets can be cut to specified lengths, kiss-cut on release liner, or assembled for frame configurations. EMI/RFI Gasketing are commonly found shielding or grounding computer and telecommunications equipment at seams and apertures.

Boyd’s technical materials and design expertise, global supply chain management, and quality manufacturing, can help you get the best-cost, engineered EMI/RFI gasketing solution for your application. Our broad range of capabilities help you integrate EMI/RFI management solutions into a single multi-functional assembly that reduces design complexity and costs. With decades of engineering expertise, Boyd helps enable you to meet any EMI/RFI challenges in a cost-effective and integrated way.

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