Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Material Solutions


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Creative processes and innovative assembly ensure clean and precise products that meet stringent FDA requirements.


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Experienced engineers help you optimize your design for manufacturability and easy implementation into your production processes.



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Tapes and Applications in the Food, Beverage and Pharma Industry

Adhesives and material-based solutions are a critical component to Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical manufacturers. Each component that contacts ingestible goods during production or distribution must be safe per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This strict regulation ensures the safety and security of all products the public ingests, from food and drinks to drugs and supplements. This means that all materials or adhesives used for processing, treating, sorting, holding, packaging, and transporting food and pharmaceutical products must meet stringent FDA safety and quality requirements prior to usage.

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Experienced FDA Compliant Manufacturing

Boyd's experience in fabricating FDA-compliant food grade adhesives for direct and indirect food contact help you ensure that you’re using safe, high-quality material manufactured with stringent quality process controls in a clean environment.

Boyd’s FDA-compliant material-based solutions are used in a wide range of food and pharmaceutical production steps like packaging, processing, or transporting. We help nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturers and processors comply with government regulations while improving efficacy, efficiency, and productivity within your packaging and processing operations.

Key Industries

Industrial Technology

Analytical & Laboratory Equipment
Factory Machinery Cooling Systems
Plastic Injection & Molding equipment
Chemical Processing Temperature Control
Food and Beverage Processing
Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
Laser Cutting
Induction Heating and Ovens
Diode Pumped Lasers
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Medical Imaging Equipment
MRI Machines
Dental Equipment
Lasers & Optical Equipment
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