What is a Gasket or Seal?

Gaskets and seals are components that are designed to prevent liquid, dust, debris, air, gas, EMI, light, chemicals or other items from entering or exiting a device. They are designed to fill the space between two imperfect mating surfaces, with the gasket or sealing material accommodating surface irregularities.

A gasket or seal is generally made from a semi-resilient, conformable material that can have a number of highly specialized customizations optimized for the end product application. Material selection and gasket design relies on environmental conditions, compressive forces, mating surface finishes, material compatibility and temperature variations. Many applications utilize silicone foam gaskets due to their conformability, high material compatibility and versatility for a broad range of usage parameters.

Boyd utilizes world class precision converting in manufacturing engineering knowledge to develop, manufacture and deliver high performance sealing solutions. Boyd has decades of experience and specialization in selecting the optimal gasket material and gasket design for a wide array of applications. From acoustic microphone screens and filters and EMI shielding gaskets to oil pan gaskets and weather stripping, Boyd has the right solution for your sealing requirements.

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