Seal Internal and External Environmental Conditions

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Gaskets and face seal solutions from Boyd impact nearly every industry as the general need for environmental sealing and cushioning solutions is very broad. Applications like display gaskets for consumer products or mobile electronics, high temperature gaskets for transportation devices, and air duct seals for servers or heavy duty equipment are commonly required gasket and face seal products. Boyd leverages its vast engineered material options spanning hundreds of foam, polymer, adhesive and other input raw materials options selected to exceed your custom applications performance and environmental requirements. We combine this material expertise with design for manufacturing mass production capabilities to deliver designs customized to exceed your high performance operating conditions for face seals and gaskets.

Converted Foam Air Duct Gasket

Air Duct Gaskets

Seal ducting to assure temperature-controlled air is directed as needed within your application. Commonly used around intake air openings and HVAC ducting outlets within a transportation cabin.

Red Rubber Gasket for sealing and shock absorption


Seal general applications with gaskets optimized to manage shock and vibration, secure liquid or air in a broader system, or generally control internal and external environmental factors that impact a final assembly.

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High Temperature Gasket for Engine Block Sealing

High Temperature Gaskets & Seals

Specialized materials optimized for high temperature resistance to seal applications like transportation exhaust, engine components, power generation assemblies, aerospace launch applications and other temperature-sensitive applications.

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