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Tapes are comprised of specialized adhesives in varying formats optimized for a wide variety of applications. They revolutionized the ability to join and assemble components quickly in industrial manufacturing, electronics devices, medical applications, automotive assemblies, labeling and virtually every other industry.

Because tape applications vary so greatly, there is a wide variety of available solutions with drastically different scientific formulations and mechanical presentations optimized for different uses. Surface energy compatibility, temperature range, conformability, adhesive strength, peel strength, shear strength, push-out strength, reusability, permanent bonding, and environmental resistance are just a few variable factors available to customize tape performance. Add to that the infinite customization possibilities in how these tapes can be fabricated to fit your unique applications can make selecting and designing an optimal tape solution overwhelming.

That’s where Boyd can help. We have worked closely for more than 70 years with our strategic supply partners who are the world’s greatest innovators in tape and adhesive formulations. We understand the science of applying these innovative tape formulations into your custom designed applications. We help you select the right formulation for your performance requirements and intended use environments then use industrial design for manufacturing methodologies to assure your components are manufacturable, within your design tolerances, and delivered in a custom configured format optimized for automated or hand assembly into your application. We help you translate adhesive science into real components optimized for cost and performance throughout your value chains.

Extruded Polymer static seals and trim with foam, rubber and integrated attachment features or adhesive

Tape Solutions:

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Adhesive formulations that bond with nominal applied pressure for efficient and reliable permanent or reusable securement.

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Transfer Tapes

Adhesive free of internal carrier films that offer significant flexibility, conformability and movement.

Double coated 3M VHB Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape converted with tight tolerances

Double Coated Tapes

Adhesive coated on both sides of a carrier film that offer added stability, dimensional tolerance control and ease of installation.

Slit custom tapes and adhesives on rolls

Custom Tapes

Special adhesive systems for reusable applications or bonding dissimilar materials with varying adhesive types featured on either side of the internal carrier film.

Slit laminating tapes on rolls

Laminating Tapes

Ideally formulated for laminating adhesive layers or protective films to mating components and materials like foam, rubber, thin film metals and plastics, fabric, paper and other substrates.

Assortment of Converted Rectangular open cell and closed cell foam tapes

Foam Tapes

Adhesive coated on one or both sides of a foam core for single or double sided foam tape ideal for applications that require cushioning, vibration management, acoustic damping, temperature cycling, sealing and surfaces with highly varying levels.

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