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The Rail Industry and Boyd Solutions


Last updated Jun 10, 2024 | Published on Jul 13, 2023

Continuous advancements in engineered materials offer immense potential for the rail industry, addressing challenges related to emissions reduction, efficiency improvement, and safety enhancement. Boyd supports rail customers to meet these challenges through innovative engineered materials solutions.

Accredited Materials for the Rail Sector

Over the years, Boyd has developed an increasingly complete range of products for the rail sector complying with railway product standards and fire-smoke classification, while improving materials’ self-extinguishing performance and eliminating halogen emissions. Our materials are accredited in accordance with at least one of the international fire-smoke railway standards, such as NF F16-101, EN 45-545, UL 94, and GOST. We also offer accredited normative materials for the GRAIL range including elastomers, foams, thermoplastics, composites, and certain special materials.

Cutting-edge Machinery and Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities


Boyd’s cutting-edge machinery and advanced manufacturing capabilities, including injection molding machines, extrusion machines, and CNC machines, enable us to process materials into finished rail products like expansion joints, sealing profiles, and door or window profiles. Leverage our engineered materials heritage, expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality for innovative high-quality solutions making rail travel safe and efficient.

Innovate with Boyd: High-Quality Engineered Materials Solutions

Boyd’s advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to explore new possibilities to develop innovative engineered materials solutions for rail applications, including sealing and gasketing, electrical insulation, vibration isolation, and corrosion protection.

Our engineering and material science expertise allows us to design tailored solutions for specific applications, whether it is elastomeric seals to prevent air and water from entering critical components in locomotives, or foams to insulate railway cars and sleepers. To learn more about our engineered materials solutions or to discuss your project needs, schedule a consultation with our experts.

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