Boyd Innovation Will Cool Next-Generation AI Processors

Boyd’s Liquid-Cooling Innovation Will Reduce High-Performance Data Center and Artificial Intelligence Energy Use, in Collaboration with the Department of Energy and NVIDIA

New York, New York – August 1st, 2023 — Boyd is innovating liquid-cooling technology so artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data centers can be more energy- and resource-efficient. Boyd’s liquid technology will cool power-dense AI processors and high-performance data centers. Current extreme air-cooled technologies face challenges when sustainably cooling to AI power requirements. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), current data center cooling accounts for 33-40% of data center energy use. Next-generation compute power compounds cooling-system energy demand. “AI chip and data center cooling is energy intensive,” said Boyd CTO Jerry Toth. “Cooling technology must stay ahead of next-generation processor design to enable innovation. We’re doing this with sustainability and carbon footprint reduction in mind.” Boyd is collaborating with NVIDIA and additional partners to research advanced, reliable liquid-cooling systems. The liquid-cooled technology will reduce the operational carbon footprint of future data centers and high-performance AI. The DOE’s groundbreaking COOLERCHIPS program targets to reduce data center cooling energy consumption to less than 5% of data center energy use.

About Boyd

Boyd is the trusted global innovator of sustainable solutions that make our customers’ products better, safer, faster, and more reliable. Our innovative engineered materials and thermal solutions advance our customers’ technology to maximize performance in 5G infrastructure and the world’s most advanced data centers; enhance reliability and extend range for electric and autonomous vehicles; advance the accuracy of cutting-edge personal healthcare and diagnostic systems; enable performance-critical aircraft and defense technologies; and accelerate innovation in next-generation electronics and human-machine-interface. Core to Boyd’s global manufacturing is a deep commitment to protect the environment with sustainable, scalable, lean, strategically located regional operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint.​ We empower our employees, develop their potential, and inspire them to do the right things with integrity and accountability to champion our customers’ success.

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