Boyd Delivers Liquid Cooling Technology for EV Fast Charging Stations

To Safely and Sustainably Accelerate EV Charging Speed

San Jose, California – August 17st, 2023 — Boyd is introducing innovative liquid cooling technology designed for electric vehicle (EV) fast charge stations.

Boyd engineers, in partnership with E-valucon, designed a liquid-to-air cooling system for DC Fast Charging (DCFC) cables and connectors that accelerate safe and sustainable charging. Green coolants ensure the liquid cooled technology is environmentally friendly. Boyd cooling systems are built in-region for EV charging station infrastructure buildouts in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

“Creating or using power makes heat. Doing this more rapidly and in a small space severely compounds that effect,” said Boyd Chief Commercial Officer Shammy Khan. “Drivers want faster charge cycles and infrastructure planners need space-saving solutions. Rapid, high-power charging in tight spaces creates a significant thermal challenge. Our liquid systems reliably meet those market demands with a solution that reduces thermal safety concerns in fast charging stations.”

Boyd addresses regional manufacturing needs for this dynamic market as part of our commitment to champion customer success. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program phases a Buy America standard into requirements starting July 2024. NEVI funds $5 billion for the deployment of publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure across the U.S. Boyd and E-valucon have collaborated to meet U.S. requirements for Buy America, combining Boyd’s liquid cooling technology with E-valucon’s fast charging system.

“Boyd’s expertise in thermal solutions and E-valucon’s expertise in EV coupler solutions equip us to support the rapid deployment of reliable and accessible fast charging systems in America,” said E-valucon COO Madison Ahn. “We’re excited to be a part of this historical movement towards zero emissions through electrification.”

About Boyd

Boyd is the trusted global innovator of sustainable solutions that make our customers’ products better, safer, faster, and more reliable. Our innovative engineered materials and thermal solutions advance our customers’ technology to maximize performance in 5G infrastructure and the world’s most advanced data centers; enhance reliability and extend range for electric and autonomous vehicles; advance the accuracy of cutting-edge personal healthcare and diagnostic systems; enable performance-critical aircraft and defense technologies; and accelerate innovation in next-generation electronics and human-machine-interface. Core to Boyd’s global manufacturing is a deep commitment to protect the environment with sustainable, scalable, lean, strategically located regional operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint.​ We empower our employees, develop their potential, and inspire them to do the right things with integrity and accountability to champion our customers’ success.

About E-valucon

E-valucon, also known as as Sam Woo Electronics in the Asian market, brings over 40 years of accumulated experience in providing robust and reliable miniature connector solutions. A leader in FA sensors for the broadcasting, telecommunications, and medical industries, we entered the EVSE industry in 2018 and established ourselves as the leading provider of DC Fast Chargers in South Korea with both liquid and non-liquid cooled systems. Sam Woo powers nearly 100% of public buses through our high-quality couplers. In 2022, recognizing the importance of domestic manufacturing, E-valucon established a manufacturing facility in Irvine, California to support the Buy America, Build America Act. Our commitment to integrity, safety, and quality drives our products, while our adaptability allows us to offer comprehensive coupler and cable options for all lines and regions in the fast-evolving EVSE market. We are connecting the world and transforming the way people work.

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