Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is Now Boyd

Reap the Benefits of One Boyd

As we continue to integrate our technologies and operations for a more streamlined customer experience, what was Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is now Boyd. We have integrated our services together to further optimize our solutions and maximize benefits for customers. Aavid’s world-class, innovative thermal solutions legacy continues as Boyd, a key pillar in our leading technologies.

This includes adjacent thermal technology businesses previously acquired by Aavid and/or Boyd: Aavid, Thermamasters, Lytron, Affinity, Thermacore, Niagara Thermal Products, Allcast, Nuventix, and Qfin.


Liquid Cooling

Leverage the exceptional heat capacity of liquid cooling systems for high power loads with Boyd’s liquid systems and components like liquid cold plates, chillers, and heat exchangers.

Conduction Cooling

Utilize high conductivity materials and assemblies to passively cool high heat flux components without the concern of moving components that can negatively impact reliability.

Two Phase Cooling

Reliably maximize heat spreading for high density heat sources with vapor chambers and heat pipes or extend the cooling capacity of air or liquid cooled systems with 3D vapor chamber heat sinks, thermosiphons, and immersion cooling.


Jump start your design process with predictive thermal management software to shorten design cycles.

Air Cooling

Versatile and cost-effective, air cooling can range from simple stamped natural convection heat sinks to complex blower-cooled zipper fin heat sink assemblies to meet a variety of cooling applications.

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