Boyd Corporation has a long history of developing, designing, testing, optimizing, and fabricating reliable high-performance cooling solutions across all industries. Through consistent innovation in engineering and manufacturing, Boyd provides optimized, cost-efficient thermal solutions and systems utilizing the largest range of traditional and advanced cooling technologies.

Boyd’s thermal management solutions enable our customers to:


Increase Performance & Functionality

Cooler devices can perform faster, meaning product designers can increase computational processing speed or electronic switching speed to decrease battery charge times or energy conversion.


Reduce Product Size or Create More Design Space

Decrease the weight and volume of a thermal solution for the same device output, leaving room for more functionality or a smaller product.


Extend Product Lifetimes, Improve Reliability, & Product Safety

Excessive heat can wear out materials, including silicon chip processors and lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries, so keeping your product cool will keep it running longer and safer.

What is Thermal Management?

Thermal Management is the process of controlling the heat generated by products typically by cooling them with liquid systems, two-phase assemblies, air cooling, or conduction solutions. In most cases, thermal energy is removed from heat sources and dissipated into ambient air.

Why is Thermal Management Critical to Modern Industry?

Nearly every industry and product employ high power devices or electronics and as devices get smarter and more connected, they use more power in smaller volumes. This trend concentrates heat and is a limiting factor to faster processing, higher battery capacity.

Why choose Boyd Corporation for your Thermal Management Partner?

Boyd’s expertise with a broad range technologies enables us select the best fit cooling solution to your application requirements. Boyd’s solutions extend from traditional and advanced air cooling and liquid cooling systems and heat exchangers, to more advanced conduction cooling and two phase heat transfer.

Liquid Cooling

Apply the high heat capacity of liquid cooling in liquid systems, chillers, coolant distribution units (CDUs), cold plates, and heat exchangers.

Air Cooling

Cool your products and systems with cost-effective zipper fin assemblies, extruded heat sinks, double width double inlet (DWDI) blowers, or axial fans.

Accessories & Components

Complete your thermal management solution with heat pipes, hardware, thermal interface materials, and insulation.


Shorten your design cycles with accurate performance predictions from our decades of two-phase, liquid, and air cooling expertise in Aavid Smart CFD and Aavid Genie.

Two Phase Cooling

Spread, transport, and dissipate high heat loads reliably with two-phase vapor chambers, thermosiphon systems, and heat pipe assemblies.

Conduction Cooling

Spread high density heat loads with graphite heat spreaders, encapsulated graphite chassis and enclosures, and thermal interface material.

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Find hundreds of our standard components for purchase at our Authorized Distributors.

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