Two Phase Cooling

two phase cooling heat pipes vapor chamberFor almost 50 years Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd has pioneered the development and commercialization of two phase cooling, playing an integral role in the advancement and use of heat pipes, vapor chambers, and thermosiphons. Aavid’s world-class engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities enable innovative solutions that can meet the most stringent requirements, from the challenges of space applications to the rigors of maritime and defense vehicles.

With decades of experience, dedicated resources for research and development, and design centers specially equipped for the development of two phase solutions, Aavid is uniquely positioned to tackle any thermal challenge. From simple embedded heat pipes to extraordinary two phase thermal systems utilizing multiple advanced technologies, Aavid offers the full range of integrated solutions.

For more information regarding the full extent of Aavid’s two phase cooling capabilities and for more resources, please visit or visit our Technologies section.

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Two Phase Cooling Capabilities Include

Heat Pipes

Aavid offers the widest range of heat pipe options in the industry in a range of materials and applications.

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Vapor Chamber Two Phase Cooling

Vapor Chambers

Augment heat sink performance by integrating a vapor chamber or utilize these planar flat heat pipes for specialty applications.

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Aavid advanced thermosiphon technologies allow for flexibility in design and efficient manufacture.

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