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Aavid has a number of Authorized Distribution Partners carrying a wide range of our catalog parts as well as custom solutions.

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Aavid North American Standard Product Distribution Partners:

Future Electronics

Tel: 1-800-388-8731

Arrow Electronics
Tel: 1-800-777-2776


Tel: 1-800-409-1483

Bisco Industries

Tel: 1-714-693-2901

Heilind Electronics
Tel: 1-800-400-7041

Sager Electronics

Tel: 1-800-SAGER-800

Allied Electronics
Tel: 1-866-433-5722

Tel: 1-800-344-4539

Mouser Electronics Inc.

Tel: 1-800-346-6873

Newark Electronics
Tel: 1-800-463-9275

CTX Thermal Solutions

NEP Electronics Inc.
Tel: 1-800-284-7470


Tel: 1-800 551-4405

Hammond Electronics

Tel: 1-866-373-8919

Hardware Specialty

Tel: 1-508-481-8622

IEC-Walker Components
Tel: 1-877-274-3442

Heartland Electronics

Tel: 1-800-678-4832

Irwin Industrial Agencies Ltd.

Tel: 1-800-263-3562

Aero-Space Southwest

Tel: 1-800-289-2779

Components Center

Tel: 1-800-598-0433

Progressive Image

Tel: 1-800-686-7764


Tel: 1-800-893-0593

Master Electronics
Tel: 1-888-473-5297

Online Components

Tel: 1-888-906-8217

Taylor Industrial

Tel: 1-414-365-6335

Aavid European Standard Product Distribution Partners:

Future Electronics

Arrow Electronics

RS Components


Anglia Components LTD


Mouser Electronics Inc.

OEM Electronics AB

OEM Automatic Sp. z o.o.

Omni Ray AG

Williamson Electronique S.A.

Nijkerk Electronics BV

Madep Sarl

Elgood Oy

Premier Farnell Uk LTD

Silram-Cor LTD

Kornass Mechanical Engineering

Aavid Kunze Distribution Partners:

Hans Buch A/S

Power Products International Ltd.

Etra Electronics Oy

Eurocomposant SA

Milton Ross Composants

Elettromeccanica ECC S.p.A.

Melchioni S.p.A.


Trafomo AB

PowerParts AG

Macro Components s.r.o.


Özdisan Elektronik A.S

ENIKA.CZ s.r.o.

Pankaj Electronics

Revel Electronics Co. Ltd.

J REP Corporation

Jet Components Inc.