Smart Objects in Aavid SmartCFD

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Smart Objects in Aavid SmartCFD

Aavid SmartCFD is the only software tool that accurately models complex two-phase cooling components like heat pipes and vapor chambers, quantifies utilization capacity, and warns of dry-out.

Aavid SmartCFD benefits from decades of empirical data collected by the leading thermal design engineers in the industry. We utilize this data in complex algorithms for accurate and correlated component performance for objects like heat pipes, LED modules, and TECs and TEGs. Users of Aavid SmartCFD can be confident of reported performance since the real world functionality of these advanced assembly components are integrated within the simulation software.

Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers:

Effective and accurate heat pipe modeling is difficult and time consuming. There is substantial room for error in current software options on the market since engineers are forced to make assumptions, create work arounds, cannot effectively predict dry out and make concessions in model accuracy.

Aavid SmartCFD Swept Heat Pipe Script

Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber Smart Objects tell users if the heat pipe or vapor chamber is at low utilization and could be smaller, lighter, and cheaper or is at near 100% utilization with no margins left and at risk of dry-out. Aavid SmartCFD enables you to quickly and effectively construct correlated models for heat pipes and complete heat pipe assemblies utilizing advanced swept geometry tools. The software takes into account heat pipe construction details such as heat pipe diameter, wick thickness, geometry such as bends or flatness and gravity orientation when calculating each heat pipe’s performance. Aavid SmartCFD’s enhanced meshing capabilities and smart correlations accurately predict performance and dry out conditions in detailed component level reports.

Aavid SmartCFD Heat Pipe Vapor Chamber Smart Objects

LED Modules:

Aavid SmartCFD LED Pin Fin Heat Sink-Thermal Contours with Flow Vectors

LED Modules in Aavid SmartCFD take design parameters defined by the manufacturer to model real-world performance. Other software packages require a simplification of the LED module, but Aavid SmartCFD LED Smart Objects use details to fully portray the complex relationships between parameters within the LED. The LED Smart Object allows you to create LED arrays quickly and still model accurate thermal behavior.

Aavid SmartCFD LED SmartObject analyzes Vf (forward voltage), If (forward current), binning, and thermal dissipation to calculate a closed-loop steady-state lumens intensity. In LED arrays, individual LED currents need to be adjusted based on localized thermal gradients to ensure total targeted lumen intensity is met.

Thermoelectric Coolers and Thermoelectric Generators (TECs/TEGs):

Aavid SmartCFD TEC and TEG Heat Sink Thermal Contours

Aavid SmartCFD includes advanced modeling capabilities for Thermoelectric Coolers and Thermoelectric Generators (TECs/TEGs). TEGs and TECs are modeled with full 3D discretization of both the fluid and solid portions of the device. This level of detail is so Aavid SmartCFD can accurately predict the Joule and Thomson effects within TECs and TEGs while including spreading and non-uniform conduction through elements. The 3D model also allows you to build and simulate multistage TECs accurately.

The detailed option for the TEC constructs each of the couples individually and allows you to have different cross section dimensions for the N and P couples in the TEC. Aavid SmartCFD is the only software that provides you with a detailed report on the performance of the TEC, including heat pumped on both the hot and cold sides, the coefficient of performance (COP), and Joule heating.

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