Relative Positioning Systems in Boyd SmartCFD

One of the strengths of Boyd SmartCFD is the Relative Coordinate System functionality. With Boyd SmartCFD’s Relative Coordinate System, components can be arbitrarily rotated within the Solution Domain. This advanced, integrated system enables the position and size of objects to be defined in direct relationship with another component’s properties. This powerful tool streamlines model construction and adjustments between design iterations making thermal design easier and more efficient.

When adding components to a model, they can be positioned relative to the surface of another component. The coordinate system is also dynamic, so that the new component stays “attached” to the parent component and automatically updates when the position or geometry of the parent component changes. Any component’s origin and position or dimensional attributes can be defined as a relation, such as a percentage of a parent component. The Relative Coordinate System enables Boyd SmartCFD to intuitively build accurate and dynamic models quickly, supporting faster design iterations.

The Relative Coordinate System also simplifies parameterized positioning and sizing of individual components in parametric or optimization trials. Since any geometric dimension or coordinate can be defined as a function, advanced applications can utilize the parameterization tools in Boyd SmartCFD to intelligently and automatically define and adjust component dimensions and position.

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