About Aavid SmartCFD

Aavid SmartCFD is a new simulation software that allows users to simulate the flow characteristics and thermal performance inside both simple and complex systems. Aavid SmartCFD is optimized for detailed heat transfer and fluid flow simulations in electronic systems. Aavid SmartCFD offers streamlined use through automation tools, intuitive design interface and multiple solver options. These solver options range from an efficient, correlation-based System Solver and a detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solver. Users like engineers and scientists can benefit from Aavid SmartCFD since it helps increase a product's quality, reduce its time-to-market, and cut design costs.

Aavid SmartCFD is a total thermal management design tool that can be used to solve component-level, board-level, or system-level applications. It provides design engineers with the ability to test conceptual designs under operating conditions that may be impractical to duplicate with a physical model, and obtain information at locations that might otherwise be inaccessible for monitoring.

Aavid SmartCFD is ideal for modeling:

Heat Sinks of all construction types, including custom CAD Geometries
Heat Pipe Assemblies
System Level Applications (Forced and Natural Convection)
Liquid Cold Plates and Liquid Systems
Heat Exchangers (Air to Liquid, Air to Air)
Thermal Electric Coolers and Generators
LED modules
Electrical Traces & Fuses

Aavid SmartCFD Features Include:

Geometry and boundary condition definitions
Streamlined CAD model importing and exporting
Accurate mesh construction for complex geometries
Detailed post-processing and result visualizations
Optimized energy and flow equations for thermal management
Advanced Project Management with Libraries
Dynamic Grid and Circular Component Patterning
Turbulent flow modeling
Thermal radiation modeling
Joule effect representations (Electricity Heating)
Advanced meshing options for Liquid Cold Plates (LCP) Modeling