Boyd SmartCFD Solver Options

Boyd SmartCFD is equipped with multiple simulation solvers to address the demands of early to late thermal design cycle needs. Boyd SmartCFD has 3 solvers, each optimized for different applications.

For early conceptual design and quick iterations, Boyd SmartCFD employs a unique System Solver that streamlines calculations by combining correlations and more advanced calculations. The Boyd SmartCFD System Solver uses correlations for heat transfer and friction to realize a 10-20X performance increase over general CFD solvers. With accuracy of -0% + 10% as compared to full CFD results, users can quickly run a multitude of “what-if” scenarios and topologies to narrow in on optimal designs:

Boyd SmartCFD enables customers to use the same model refined with the System Solver with the full Navier-Stokes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solver. Full CFD solutions use either a tetrahedral (Tet) or hexahedral (Hex) mesher and is the best solver option when accuracy is of the utmost importance. The full CFD solver is ideal for finalizing thermal management solutions since its high accuracy to real world performance is unparalleled.

Users have the option to combine the speed of the System Solver with the accuracy of the CFD Solver with the use of Boyd SmartCFD’s Hybrid Solver.

The Network Solver can model large liquid systems consisting of a Liquid Cold Plate F-J curve based reduced order models (ROMs) in context with pipes, connectors, manifolds, pumps, and other devices such as valves. By linking in a control monitor the transient response of the system, as a function of changing operating conditions, can be modeled in real time.


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