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Aavid SmartCFD is equipped with multiple simulation solvers to address the demands of early to late thermal design cycle needs. Aavid SmartCFD has 3 solvers, each optimized for different applications.

For early conceptual design and quick iterations, Aavid SmartCFD employs a unique System Solver that streamlines calculations by combining correlations and more advanced calculations. The Aavid SmartCFD System Solver uses correlations for heat transfer and friction to realize a 10-20X performance increase over general CFD solvers. With accuracy of -0% + 10% as compared to full CFD results, users can quickly run a multitude of “what-if” scenarios and topologies to narrow in on optimal designs

Aavid SmartCFD enables customers to use the same model refined with the System Solver with the full Navier-Stokes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solver. Full CFD solutions use either a tetrahedral (Tet) or hexahedral (Hex) mesher and is the best solver option when accuracy is of the utmost importance. The full CFD solver is ideal for finalizing thermal management solutions since its high accuracy to real world performance is unparalleled.

Users have the option to combine the speed of the System Solver with the accuracy of the CFD Solver with the use of Aavid SmartCFD’s Hybrid Solver.

The Network Solver can model large liquid systems consisting of a Liquid Cold Plate F-J curve based reduced order models (ROMs) in context with pipes, connectors, manifolds, pumps, and other devices such as valves. By linking in a control monitor the transient response of the system, as a function of changing operating conditions, can be modeled in real time.

Aavid SmartCFD Solver Details:

The System Solver in Aavid SmartCFD balances algorithmic efficiency with fluid region detail. The System Solver is capable of modeling multiple fluid regions and solid conduction analysis in the same model. The Aavid SmartCFD System Solver is recommended for applications in the earlier initial concept assessment stage but can be utilized for any portion of the design cycle. It is ideal for computationally expensive dynamic modeling applications such as transient modeling, parameterization and mathematical optimization.

How the Aavid SmartCFD System Solver Works

The System Solver implements a finite volume discretization and correlation-based boundary conditions to calculate flow in the fluid region. A more detailed, unstructured finite volume discretization calculates the temperature distribution in the solid region. The System Solver calculates detailed thermal propagation through the solid region and considers adequate fluid region detail in order to accurately determine fluid-solid thermal interaction, while still maintaining a computationally efficient numerical model.

Aavid Genie utilizes a simplified version of the System Solver. Use Aavid SmartCFD for the full range and capability of the System

The Full CFD Solver in Aavid SmartCFD

The detailed solver is a full Navier-Stokes CFD solver. Finite volume discretization is used to represent both the solid and fluid regions within Aavid SmartCFD. As it is the most detailed representation of the fluid volume in Aavid SmartCFD’s solver options, it is recommended for the final portion of the design phase.

The CFD Solver in Aavid SmartCFD resolves the boundary layer velocity profile in order to determine convective heat transfer. The CFD Solver utilizes either a hexahedral mesh for block models or a tetrahedral mesh to accurately represent curved or angled features, which includes imported CAD geometries. The CFD Solver provides the most accurate calculation of the behavior of fluid in contact with solid objects within the model. This level of detail and accuracy is critical for high performance applications with complex geometries.

The Full CFD Solver in Aavid SmartCFD

The Hybrid Solver is a full Navier-Stokes CFD solver, but applies accurate correlations in specified areas to reduce meshing and solution times. The Aavid SmartCFD Hybrid Solver utilizes detailed numerical representations within the fluid region. A finite volume discretization is used to represent both the solid and fluid region. Since the Hybrid Solver utilizes features from both the System Solver and the Full CFD Solver, it is recommended for both the initial and the final portion of the design phase.

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