Flat Tube Heat Exchangers

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Flat Tube Heat Exchangers

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Flat Tube Heat Exchangers consist of flat tubes with extended surface channels coupled with external fins. The tubes provide additional heat transfer through large internal surface area that is in contact with the fluid. Flow through external fins is optimized to maximize heat transfer. Header manifolds designed for Flat Tube Heat Exchangers result in a low pressure drop that enables smaller, less expensive pumps to be used. This flat tube and extended fin structure results in an efficient, rugged, and lightweight solution ideal for challenging applications.

Our standard ES Oil Cooler Series features aluminum Flat Tube Heat Exchangers engineered for high performance with poor heat transfer fluids such as oils and Ethylene Glycol/Water (EGW) mixtures. Our oil coolers provide up to 2.5 times greater thermal performance per unit volume than competitive oil cooler models.

The Flat Tube Heat Exchanger construction enables many customization possibilities. Boyd’s experienced engineering team can customize the width, length, and number of flat tubes to fully maximize available volume for the heat exchanger. Flat tubes can be bent as tight as a 6.35 mm (0.25 in.) radius, allowing for unique, curved heat exchangers that can be further integrated into your custom system. We can add custom fittings, manifolds, paint, or anodize for extra integration and environmental protection.

By vacuum brazing Flat Tube Heat Exchangers, we ensure clean, high quality, and reliable solutions for your liquid cooling system. Our largest braze oven measures 3.05 x 0.97 m (10 x 3.2 ft.), enabling us to reliably produce large heat exchanger solutions that meet your system requirements.

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