The Aavid Hydrosink is a complete, configurable liquid cooling system that can function with one or multiple liquid cold plates. It is a controlled system; performance can be set to meet actual ambient and power dissipation needs. Hydrosinks are available in both a Cabinet and a Kit version, the Cabinet comes with its enclosure, while the kit version can be installed in your own enclosure.

The Hydrosink comes in two “sizes”. Actual size is determined by the final configuration and layout, but corresponds to the mount of power dissipated.

Small – Suitable for a thermal resistance of 7 to 21 °C/kW

Large - Suitable for a thermal resistance of 3 to 9 °C/kW

Performance depends on T_LCP_max, T_air, power, and working fluid.

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    The largest component of the HydroSink is the heat-exchanger which includes a smaller fan compared to those found in today’s air cooled systems.

    The HydroSink control board strategically manages the system’s components and sensor signals, ensuring the consistent monitoring of the system’s performance.

    The estimated life-span of the HydroSink exceeds 50,000 hours in response to the control board’s ability to reduce the fan and pump’s usage. Therefore there is less stress to components when the system achieves the required performance.

    The smaller size, higher reliability and performance of the Hydrosink components lower the cost in comparison to a traditional air cooled system.

    The HydroSink performance is dependent on the fan and pump speeds along with environmental conditions of the application. The HydroSink control board allows the thermal performance to be modified according to the “boundary conditions” at any given moment.