Liquid Cooling Systems

Modular or fully customized liquid cooling optimized for improved heat dissipation in condensed volumes.

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Liquid Cooling Systems

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Liquids have a high capacity for heat transfer and can remove and dissipate heat quickly and effectively. This enables Liquid Cooling Systems (LCSs) that utilize liquid and optimized system components, such as pumps, compressors, or cold plates, to cool high power density devices more efficiently than air cooled systems of the same volume.

The three most common components of Liquid Cooling Systems include a liquid cold plate or liquid cooled enclosure/chassis, a pump or compressor, and a heat exchanger to absorb heat from the source, quickly remove the heat, and dissipate it safely. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, specializes in engineering and the production of liquid systems as well as fully optimized individual thermal and sealing components.

Aavid offers the widest catalog of cold plate fabrications and constructions including CAB and Vacuum Brazed, Hi-Contact™ Tube, Extended Surface and High Heat Transfer Fin Cores, and Micro-channel. Custom Aavid heat exchanger capabilities also include a broad range of brazing, welding, and machining options as well as hundreds of optimized heat transfer fin constructions. Aavid engineers combine these capabilities with Boyd sealing and hose options, knowledgeable selection of pumps, connects, and other components, and decades of liquid cooling system design expertise to develop reliable, high performance Liquid Cooling Systems to meet all application requirements.

Over the years, Aavid has developed liquid systems for a broad range of applications including liquid systems designed to dissipate as little as a few watts for small, sensitive equipment up to multikilowatt liquid cooling systems for massive heat loads. Systems often include design flexible or blind mating assemblies that enable hot swappable card replacement for easy maintenance and repair. Systems may also include components or techniques to extend performance such as tubulators or the proprietary Aavid Hi-Contact™ process for improved thermal contact.

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