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Aavid’s is one of the world leaders in integrated ambient liquid cooling systems.Liquid Cooling Systems by Aavid range from modular assemblies to fully customized facility level cooling. We can include smart instrumentation controls for temperature, flow, and pressure. We can also provide pump-assisted assemblies for either single or two phase flow which are ideal for isothermal spreading. Our design engineering expertise paired with our broad range of manufacturing capabilities enable us to fabricate optimized, integrated systems as a one-stop-shop to meet your Liquid Cooling System needs.

Custom Liquid Cooling System for accurate ambient temperature control

Ambient Liquid Cooling System Solutions:

Custom Liquid Cooling Systems

High cooling capacity systems specifically designed and constructed to meet demanding requirements.


Modular Liquid Cooling System

Easy to use, cost-effective, and reliable liquid cooling systems that utilize performance matched components for maximum cooling capacity.


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