Thermal Straps


Material Options

Multiple material options to meet cost and performance targets


Improved Performance

highly conductive and formable for semi-dynamic heat transfer components


Flexibility and Bendable

dynamic flexibility or bendable to match complex geometries

Thermal Straps provide a flexible, lightweight conduction path for moving heat to a cooling solution. This advanced solid conduction solution consists of highly conductive, flexible materials connected to headers to mount on separate surfaces which enable point-to-point heat transfer. Thermal Straps are a completely passive solution, eliminating maintenance costs, in a lightweight solution for semi-dynamic, weight sensitive applications. Boyd customizes Thermal Straps to meet conductance, stiffness or flexibility, and mass requirements.

Custom Metal Foil Thermal Strap Assemblies are fabricated from a variety of metals including aluminum and copper. With special consolidation methods, Boyd can fabricate Thermal Straps with metal foils as thin as 0.0005 to 0.0100 inches to ensure high conductance and high flexibility.

Boyd’s k-Core® (Encapsulated Graphite) Thermal Straps are highly conductive and formable for semi-dynamic heat transfer components. Encapsulated Graphite Thermal Straps are fabricated with Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) sheets, a highly thermally conductive material, contained in a stronger yet flexible film material, like polyimide, copper, or aluminum foil designs. k-Core® thermal straps perform effectively with aluminum encapsulant thicknesses of as little as 0.002 inches.

Encapsulated Graphite Thermal Straps offer a solution that bends with the strength of the external material with a higher effective thermal conductivity and less weight than a completely metal construction. Since Encapsulated Graphite Thermal Straps are lighter in weight, smaller in size and offer better conduction than traditional thermal solutions, Boyd’s thermal straps increase design flexibility while maintaining performance.

APG straps can achieve a thermal conductivity up to 1200 W/mK. Typically, Encapsulated Graphite Thermal Straps are 3 to 5 times more conductive per unit mass than aluminum foil designs and 9 to 15 times per unit mass of copper. k-Core® thermal straps also show increased conductivity at cryogenic temperatures and are proven effective in dissipating heat from high-powered electronic components without maintenance.

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