Encapsulated Graphite Chassis and Enclosures



heat spreading solutions with added mechanical strength


High Thermal Conductivity

spread heat evenly and quickly away from sensitive components within a sealed mechanical envelope



alternative to traditional metal or ceramic encapsulants

Encapsulated Graphite Chassis and Enclosures are lightweight, heat spreading solutions with added mechanical strength and protection. Enclosures and Chassis that integrate thermal management technologies are becoming more popular as application Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements become more stringent. Streamlining individual components like separate enclosure and heat spreading parts into an integrated solution helps reduce supply chain complexity, enhance assembly efficiency and provide a lower overall total cost. Creative engineers incorporate heat spreading with encapsulated graphite to enable enclosures and chassis to act as both a structural and thermal solution. Encapsulated Graphite Chassis and Enclosures utilize high thermal conductivity of Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) to spread heat quickly while protecting internal components as the primary function of an enclosure, enabling reliable passive management of thermals within the enclosure. These enclosures and chassis can act as higher performance drop-in replacements as an alternative to upgrading conventional conduction solutions.

Boyd utilizes our k-Core technology to fabricate chassis and enclosures with APG cores integrating the high thermal performance of graphite with the mechanical strength of metals, ceramics, or composites in a single component. This functional integration helps designers reduce the number of assembly components, minimize weight, and improve the reliability of electronics with passive heat spreading.

In addition to the heat spreading capacity of graphite, Encapsulated Graphite Chassis and Enclosures can integrate additional thermal management technologies for increasingly advanced thermal performance. Many chassis and enclosure designs include increased surface area with finned regions that can be cooled with either natural convection from ambient air or forced convection from fans or blowers for higher heat dissipation.

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Key Industries


  • Aerospace Satellites
  • Avionics Equipment
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  • Military Aircraft such as the F-35, F-22 and F-16 Fighter Planes
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  • Electronic packaging
  • Power Electronics
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