Product Level Cooling


Improve the reliability of your product with Aavid thermal management solutions and design engineering services. The more integrated your product and its cooling solution are, the better the performance and customer satisfaction. Aavid manufactures standard, off-the-shelf solutions, custom solutions, and full scale engineering services for any part of the design cycle to ensure that your product is fully optimized. Considering thermals sooner in your product design process allows for greater design flexibility and better cooling.

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Technologies for Product Cooling Include

-Extruded Heat Sinks
-Skived Fin Heat Sinks
-Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
-Brazed Heat Sinks
-Zipper Fin Heat Sinks
-Folded Fin Heat Sinks
-Fans & Blowers
-Heat Pipe Assemblies
-LED Heat Sinks

-Loop Heat Pipes
-Liquid Cold Plates
-Liquid Systems
-Thermal Interface Materials
-Vapor Chambers