Aavid PulseJets utilize a unique diaphragm technology that creates pulsating jets of air for increased cooling efficiency ideal for hot spot cooling and unique application requirements. Unlike fans that dispense a constant, uniform air flow, PulseJets emit quick bursts of air across the heat sink in constant, rapid succession. This action creates turbulence across the heat sink fins, resulting in more efficient cooling. Additionally, as the “jets” of air are emitted, ambient air is brought in through entrainment, optimizing the air flow without an increase in power.

The synthetic jet technology used in PulseJets, including SynJets and RazorJets, utilizes flexing diaphragms that are constantly moving to push air through the nozzle in a targeted fashion and bring in the surrounding ambient air through the same vent in a rapid cycle. The result is targeted air flow with high heat transfer capabilities that maximize cooling.

The unique design of Aavid PulseJets not only provides increased thermal efficiency, but also more reliable, durable solutions that offer greater design flexibility. PulseJets contain no frictional parts, thereby decreasing failure rates and overall wear and tear over time. They are less affected by dust and particle build up due to the absence of these frictional parts as well as the distinctive airflow.


Because SynJets enable smaller, lighter solutions with higher reliability, they are popular in the LED market as well as small form factor electronics cooling. SynJets™ can be easily paired with Aavid LED Heat Sinks, which are readily available for custom solutions or with hole patterns for most major light engine manufacturers.

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RazorJets are extremely low profile coolers that use PulseJet technology to provide more reliable cooling than blowers or fans in small form factor electronics.

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