Die Cast Heat Sinks


Custom Design

for unique shape and weight requirements.



options for high volume applications.


Design Flexibility

produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

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High Pressure Die Cast Heat Sinks are a cost-effective option for high volume applications that are weight-sensitive and require superior cosmetic surface quality or complex geometries otherwise not achievable in alternative heat sink manufacturing methodologies. Die Cast Heat Sinks are produced in near net shape, require little to no additional assembly or machining, and can range in complexity. Die cast heat sinks are popular in LED and 5G markets due to their unique shape and weight requirements as well as high volume production needs.

High Pressure Die Casting enables us to produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Our experienced design and manufacturing team can help you custom design a die cast heat sink optimized for your application to maximize heat transfer and cost efficiency while minimizing weight, assuring you optimize your investment in die cast tooling.

For rapid thermal modeling and comparison of multiple heat sink constructions please try Aavid Genie our heat sink design tool.

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Key Industries


  • Commercial LED Thermal Management like Grow Lamps
  • Residential LED Lighting Cooling
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    5G Implementation

  • RRU/RRH Passive Cooling Solutions
  • Base Transceiver Station
  • Base Station Subsystem (BSS)
  • Baseband Unit (BBU)
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  • Integrated Enclosure and Die Cast Heat Sinks for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
  • LED Headlamp Thermal Management Solutions
  • Sensor and Camera Heat Sinks
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