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Max Clips™

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Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation’s Max Clip™ System is designed to eliminate the need for mounting holes, screws, or rivets for mounting discrete semiconductor packages to heat sinks with improved surface contact. Max Clips™ are robust attachments that are enable more design options, are quick to install, and reduce hardware costs.

Max Clips™, designed for use with Max Clip™ Extruded Profiles, apply consistent pressure at the center of the semiconductor which improves contact with the heat sink for better thermal performance and maximum component reliability. Conventional nut & bolt or rivet mounting force is set at the time of assembly, which can decrease over time with changes in the interface material or thermal cycling. Max Clips maintain a constant mounting force, even as interface material deteriorates or shifts over time, making Max Clips a better long term mounting solution.

Aavid offers more than 20 different Max Clips to suit a wide range of applications which can be paired with over 50 standard Max Clip Extrusion Profiles that feature the specialized clip groove. The Max Clip™ System is designed for a variety of semiconductor packages including TO-220, TO-218, TO-247, TO-3P, and packages without mounting holes like TO-262, TO-273, TO-274, and TO-251.

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