Vapor Chamber Assemblies

Vapor chamber products are planar and can be used as the base of a heat sink. Aavid’s vapor chamber delivers higher thermal performance than a traditional heat sink by alleviating spreading resistance found in solid heat sink construction, via three-dimensional spreading, enabling lower device temperature and greater component reliability.

Vapor chambers have an enhanced capability to accept higher heat fluxes than a traditional aluminum or copper surface. Its smaller size improves system packaging and provides quieter operation through less air flow. Able to operate in any orientation, vapor chamber pass shock and vibration testing, and freeze thaw thermal cycling.


Vapor Chamber Advantages
•Highest performing heat spreader in the industry and allows 3D heat spreading

•Effective thermal conductivity over 5,000 W/mK vs. 401 W/mK pure copper and 1,200 W/mK graphite

•Application improvement of over 30% in high-flux, poor spreading applications

•Over 350 W/cm2 heat flux capability

•Can be engineered to withstand increased internal pressure and working temperatures up to 150°C

•Various sizes possible. Aavid has experience producing vapor chambers as large as 17″ wide by 30″ long

•Patented Thru-Hole Technology allows both straight and threaded holes through the highly conductive vapor space region for ease in design of attachment hardware

•Aavid vapor chambers have been successfully thermally cycled from -40°C to +85°C

•More than 50,000 hours of vapor chamber continuous life and reliability testing

•More than 500,000 vapor chamber heat sink assemblies shipped

•Material options include copper, low CTE and clad composites

•Compatible with advanced thermal technologies

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