Thermal Management Solutions for Transportation

Aavid offers efficient thermal management solutions for cooling high heat loads and heat fluxes of transportation and traction vehicle equipment such as power electronics, motors, control electronics, fuel cells, as well as waste heat recovery.

Transportation and traction equipment cooling and energy recovery thermal technology from Aavid includes custom passive heat pipe assemblies and vapor chamber assemblies as well as custom active liquid cold plates and heat exchangers for the following applications:

Power Generation, Conversion and Distribution Equipment
•Power electronics cooling (IGBTs, SCRs, Thyristers)
•Capacitors, diodes, transistors
•Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs)

Heat Recovery
•Engine waste heat recovery for passenger compartment heating
•Engine waste heat recovery for fuel preheating

Control Electronics
•Engine control electronics
•Car seat cooling and heating
•Steering wheel cooling and heating

•Radio/CD/DVD player electronics cooling
•On-board computers for navigation, logbooks, etc.

Temperature Control
•Transmission and differential cooling
•Fuel cooling
•Solar heat load reduction


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