Thermal Management for Medical and Test Equipment

With heat pipe assemblies and heat exchangers for medical applications, Aavid innovation helps ensure greater precision, maximum accuracy, energy conservation, and even shorter surgical procedure times.

For cooling medical imaging electronics, our heat exchangers and advanced heat pipe technology provide reliable enclosure cooling that handles multiple heat sources and can save up to 400W in wasted heat per scan.

Enable straightforward, quiet, low-maintenance thermal performance in medical test equipment such as DNA replicators and blood analyzers utilizing Aavid's heat pipe assemblies and vapor chamber assemblies. The isothermality offered by Aavid solutions gives clinicians temperature uniformity for replication and analysis, which helps provide the levels of precision and reproducibility demanded by regulatory and clinical requirements. For medical instrumentation, isothermality helps ensure accurate control and monitoring. For test equipment, temperature uniformity means high levels of specimen analysis results repeatability, along with maximum uptime.

Aavid thermal management technologies provide reliable heat dissipation with a minimum of moving parts, in applications where heat loads are high and the need for quiet operation complicates matters further by limiting fan size and speed.

To eliminate tissue sticking, improve sterility and shorten surgical procedures in the operating room, a surgical bipolar forceps uses a small heat pipe assembly (0.092" diameter) to provide cool, precise control. This is yet another example of advanced thermal technologies from Aavid aiding in medical innovation.

Our thermal management solutions for the imaging or operating room include:

•Magnetic resonance, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray
•Enclosure Cooling

Diagnostic Test Equipment
•DNA Analyzer Equipment PCR Cyclers
•Blood Analyzers

•Cauterization, Brain Surgery
•Cardiac, Neurosurgery
•Pump Cooling
•Bio-sample Heating/Cooling
•Blood Warming


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