Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Equipment

The healthcare industry demands increasingly smaller, faster, and more powerful devices. This results in concentrated heat loads which can cause performance variability, premature component failure and can even harm patients. Aavid's unparalleled capabilities can improve medical device accuracy, reliability, repeatability, energy efficiency, speed, and service life; while reducing size, weight, noise, and fouling concerns. Aavid’s specialized engineering teams can design and fabricate the ideal solution for your application, saving you development time and cost.

Aavid's active solutions, such as heat exchangers and pumped liquid systems, are generally used when dealing with high heat fluxes while passive solutions are more appropriate for applications with lower heat fluxes. Passive systems can optimize the thermal efficiency of your system, thus minimizing the airflow required, which can even eliminate the need for cooling fans. Removing electromechanical devices such as fans reduces system noise, packaging space, power consumption, fouling/bioburden risks, service costs, and eliminates a potential failure point. Passive cooling systems can also serve as heat spreaders to create uniform temperature profiles, providing more accurate and consistent results. Aavid can also design thermal solutions with biocompatible materials including materials that offer permanent antimicrobial properties to prevent fouling.

Aavid’s Medical Division develops, produces, tests and characterizes refractory metal alloys that improve the radiopacity of stents and other implantable devices. This improves their strength and visibility under X-ray, which allows thinner stent walls, lower radiation doses, shorter procedures, and fewer complications.

Aavid has extensive experience with the design, manufacturing and regulatory requirements that are unique to the medical industry. We have designed and shipped well over a million thermal solutions for Class II and Class III medical devices.


Aavid has contributed to the advancement of medical devices such as:

Radiology Equipment
• CT, PET, MRI, X-Ray, SPECT, and OCT Scanners
• Radiation Therapy Equipment
• Ultrasound Machines
• Refractory Metal Alloys for Stents and Implantables

Bioanalysis Equipment
• PCR Thermal Cyclers (DNA Amplification)
• Blood Analyzers and Biocharacterization
• Bioconditioning (blood warmers, cryogenics, incubation, thermal therapy, etc)

Surgical and Therapeutic Devices
• Electrosurgery Devices
• Ablation Instruments and Equipment
• Photonics (Laser and LED’s)
• Minimally Invasive and Interventional Medicine

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