k-Core® Radiator Panels

Communications satellite and spacecraft engineers rely on k-Core® passive thermal radiators for critical thermal management needs, including heat dissipation requirements of ≥ 40°C reduction. k-Core® passive thermal radiators offer a versatile, specialty engineered material, annealed pyrolytic graphite (APG) for reliable performance.

Efficient heat dissipation to protect critical electronic components in space, under increasingly tight space requirements, is performed by k-Core® passive thermal radiators, an example of the many Aavid satellite thermal solutions.

k-Core® thermal radiators incorporate a proprietary concept featuring APG, a highly ordered crystalline material with a thermal conductivity of greater than 1,500 W/m-K, within a high-strength structural shell material such as aluminum or carbon polymer composite. The thermal performance of each material is kept separate, with no shear force transferred across the encapsulant/APG interface.

Radiator Panel Benefits

•Reliable performance under extreme temperatures from -40°C to +72°C

•Thermal performance without the need for heat pipes which require difficult semiconductor-heat spreader CTE matching

•Rugged construction stands up to vibration launch loads and other stresses/pressures

•Reduced product cost, increased reproducibility

•Reduced size and weight, appropriate for the increasing density of electronic equipment and more limited space for thermal solutions

•Ability to dissipate high heat fluxes produced by next-generation spacecraft electronics


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