Injection Molding

Reduce injection molding product cycle time and reduce costs with Isopipes high-performance injection molding thermal solutions from Aavid.

For heat transfer from heat source to heat sink, or to isothermalize sections of a mold or tool, Isopipe gives you high-performance especially crafted for molding applications. Isopipes can solve thermal-related quality issues, reduce cycle times and lower water consumption.

The Isopipe uses very high thermal conductivity to transport heat from one end of the pipe to the other, cooling (or heating) mold tools. Heat picked up from the mold is dissipated by cooling water passed over the exposed end of the Isopipe, allowing vapor inside the pipe to condense. The liquid/vapor phase changes within the Isopipe allow thermal energy to be absorbed, transferred and rejected with a maximum temperature difference of only 5° C along the outer sheath.

Isopipe Features and Benefits



 Uniform cooling

 Fast cycle times

 Flexible product design

 Reduced waste and maintenance

 Simplifies tool construction

 No sink marks

 Reduced water consumption

 Simple installation

 Reduced tooling and operation costs

 Designed for heating as well as cooling of core pins


 Uniform cooling

 Greater reliability


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