Thermal Management in Communications

Controlling heat for today's communications equipment is a key factor in design optimization for thermal performance, size, mass and environmental conditions.

Whether wired, wireless, satellite or the cable industry, thermal solutions for communications from Aavid provide uniform and reliable electronics cooling, even under tight space constraints, and give more design options at the component, board, or system level. We offer custom-designed solutions to meet your needs for indoor and outdoor applications, including Bellcore (Telecordia) compliance and survival of salt/fog and freeze-thaw conditions. Aavid heat pipes and other thermal technologies are available to solve thermal problems at all three levels for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Component-level solutions for RF amplifiers and laser diode cooling use a heat pipe assembly coupled to the heat-generating component via an interface plate. The heat pipe and condenser fins or block are attached to the plate. Aluminum heat sink efficiency can be optimized by embedding heat pipes or using a vapor chamber to obtain better thermal performance, in many applications, than an embedded heat pipe can provide.

Other options for extending the thermal performance at the component or board level are natural convection heat sinks with forced air convection systems. Both provide superior cooling compared with extrusions and embedded heat pipe, and offer a smaller size and lighter weight.

Board-level solutions feature a thermal solution coupled to multiple heat generating components, typically on a printed circuit board. Aavid’s vapor chamber assemblies — with our patented through-hole technology — allow multiple board level components to be cooled through effective heat spreading. Aavid’s liquid cooling systems can also be coupled to heat generating components via a liquid-cooled plate.

System-level solutions offer cabinet or enclosure cooling with Aavid’s standard and custom heat exchangers. Heat generated by multiple components and/or boards within a communication chassis cabinet or enclosure can be cooled without introducing external air into the cabinet. Aavid heat pipe heat exchangers and impingement cooling heat exchangers can provide economical cooling of enclosed electronic equipment with high heat loads. For extremely high-heat applications (>2,000 W) the high-capacity cross-flow heat exchanger offers excellent thermal efficiency with a small footprint. These system-level heat exchangers include NEMA and UL listings and compliance.

Aavid solutions for communications are at work in base stations, amplifiers, enclosures, optical equipment and more. Aavid also offers custom-designed thermal solutions for any application, as well as consumer electronics thermal management.

Aavid cooling solutions for sensitive electronic components helped bring internet access to many homes. In partnership with a leading telecom company, Aavid developed heat dissipation concepts for both a top-of-set interface box and an interface built into TV's, giving users free internet access and TV over IP functionality. The cooling solution typically involves a mini PC with dedicated software and support silicon in the consumer retail space, and provides efficient and cost-effective heat dissipation for high-volume production.


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