Thermal Management for Chemical Processing

Maintain constant temperatures and optimize the most exacting chemical processes — such as semiconductor crystal growth, precision temperature calibration or chemical vapor disposition (CVD) — with Aavid's passive, two-phase heat pipe technology.

With no moving parts to fail, and based on straightforward processes of evaporation and condensation, Aavid heat pipes are ideal for high-volume processing operations like semiconductor production and fabrication-level crystal growth. Aavid solutions offer constant temperatures for process isothermality, elimination of hot spots in chemical processes and the ability to optimize chemical process conversion and selectivity.

For specialized applications, Aavid offers non-contact heat exchangers that operate in large-scale heat transfer systems using separated fluid streams (organic or inorganic), ensuring reliable, safe performance. We also specialize in technology that can operate efficiently in extreme environments from low-temperature (cryogenic) to very high-temperature (>1,000°C) heat dissipation. Aavid heat transfer capabilities for chemical processing include:

•Heat exchangers for high-temperature reactors
•Isothermal surfaces for CVD reactors
•Chemical stream isolation using heat pipe heat exchangers
•Isothermal furnace liners for crystal growth or recrystallization
•Gas-controlled heat pipes for precision temperature control
•Black body cavities
•Gas-controlled heat pipes for precision temperature control

Superior thermal control can make chemical processes more efficient, improving conversion, selectivity and precision. And the versatility of Aavid heat pipe designs, combined with our custom engineering services, helps give process designers extra flexibility.


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