Chassis and Enclosures

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation designs, manufactures, and tests enclosures and chassis that integrate structural support, environmental sealing, ruggedization and protection, and thermal management into a single solution. Aavid combines thermal management solutions such as liquid cooling systems, advanced solid conduction technologies, or extended surfaces like heat sinks into the chassis or enclosure to provide optimal thermal performance. Chassis and enclosures produced by Aavid’s engineering team meet the most demanding application challenges through decades of experience.

Dip brazed or vacuum brazed aluminum chassis and enclosure assemblies can provide helium tight seals where devices are protected from the elements. These assemblies integrate additional surface area like folded fin structures that improve heat transfer into internal fluid lines or provide additional surface area in the form of a heat exchanger to an external environment. These single piece solutions simplify assembly and ensures more reliable and effective performance of sensitive devices and electronics encased in Aavid chassis and enclosures. For additional performance, Aavid’s k-Core® thermal components like heat shields, radiators, and chassis are effective under tough conditions like the temperatures faced by satellite components in space. Using a CFC radiator of only 0.4 meters in diameter, satellite thermal engineers can reduce peak temperatures for a 200 W load to less than half of the temperatures attained by standard solid aluminum designs (20°C vs 50°C). That helps meet the unique thermal challenges encountered by protoflight components that are entering new, outer space mission environments for the first time.

k-Core® solutions can integrate heat pipes and heat spreading approaches for larger aerospace components, making large structures virtually isothermal and more effective at managing thermal loads.

In the most demanding applications, typical aluminum chassis and enclosures may still fall short of project requirements. Aavid can produce a CFC-encapsulated k-Core® composite chassis for cooling lithium batteries with less mass than an equivalent aluminum chassis for programs such as the Mars Lander. The highly specialized chassis can effectively contain temperature changes and produce better isothermal performance with only a 3.5°C temperature rise compared to a 17.3°C temperature rise for an aluminum counterpart. Aerospace applications such as these require every ounce to perform at the highest level and every watt dissipated is critical to the mission success, which is why k-Core® products are a dependable solution for the toughest missions. Aavid’s chassis and enclosures systems are further completed with the addition of Boyd’s world class materials for environmental sealing, noise and vibration dampening, and EMI/RFI insulation.


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