Advanced Solid Conduction

Aavid offers its k-Core® material technologies to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding requirements of aerospace, military, and industrial applications. k-Core® is a high-performance solid conduction material system that can be tailored to solve a wide variety of thermal challenges. Aavid’s k Technology division has been providing k-Core® based solutions to major aerospace and avionics manufacturers since 1995.

k-Core® Material System

k-Core® products offer up to eight times the conductivity of aluminum at up to a 30% reduction in mass. Typical k-Core® products have four times the conductivity of aluminum with a 10% mass reduction. k-Core® is cooling some of the world’s most advanced electronics applications, from space systems to undersea naval operations. The products are proven, in wide use, and can replace metal based solutions with little system impact.


k-Core® advanced solid conduction techniques are used by many military manufacturers and are flying in the world’s most advanced aircraft. These products are also versatile enough for a complete range of applications including control, target acquisition and avionics cooling.


To lower device temperatures by efficiently spreading heat over an increased area, k Technology’s k-Core® thermal spreaders are ideal. These lightweight heat spreaders are typically used to manage high power density systems, such as radars, power converters and laser diodes.

Radiator Panels

Waste heat dissipation in space is performed efficiently and reliably by k-Core® passive thermal radiators, protecting critical electronic components and ensuring control systems integrity for communications satellites and other spacecraft.

Thermal Straps

Lightweight k-Core® flexible straps give you maintenance-free, high-heat dissipation for sensitive aerospace and satellite components.

Components, Heat Shields, Chassis

The k-Core® material system can be configured to solve a wide array of thermal challenges. Current k-Core® applications include electronic chassis, thermal shields, thermal ground planes, thermal doublers, conduction bars, battery brackets, constraining cores and many more. k Technology designs and manufactures these highly engineered solutions to meet the stringent and specific requirements of each targeted application.

CTE-Matched Solid Conduction

CTE-matched k-Core® based heat spreaders provide thermal engineers with the ability to attach a thermal solution directly to the heat-producing semiconductor components, enabling higher thermal conductance interfaces such as solder or high-conductance epoxy. Therefore, the benefits of direct CTE matching and the benefits of k-Core® are combined.

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