Meeting Applications Challenges

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, is equipped with a wide portfolio of technologies to address difficult application challenges from the simplest heat sink to complex liquid cooling system.

Limited Space:

In some applications, the space over an embedded module may be inadequate for installing direct cooling devices. A heat pipe or k-Core® advanced solid conduction can be the ideal solution, efficiently spreading and/or moving the heat to an area where it can be dissipated by forced or natural convection.

Power Consumption Limits:

Because fans require electricity, they can limit the useful operating time of some portable devices by drawing on battery power. Heat pipe-based solutions require no electricity or rotating machinery, and allow the designer to acquire additional surface area for heat rejection by natural convection. Even where volume constraints make natural convection suboptimal, routing a heat pipe to a heat sink or miniature fan can still save considerable energy and cost.

Zero-Noise or Low-Noise Requirements:

Thermal solutions such as heat pipe assemblies, heat sinks and liquid cooling systems allow heat to be efficiently moved and spread out which can reduce forced airflow requirements. Reduced airflow requirements result in the need for smaller, lower operating voltage fans that produce significantly less noise. Thermal solutions can also be used in conjunction with noise and vibration dampening materials to further reduce noise production.

Maintenance Constraints:

All electromechanical devices such as fans and pumps must be maintained and eventually replaced. A heat pipe thermal solution has no moving parts to fail, which reduces maintenance requirements, parts inventory and upkeep costs. Aavid thermal solutions are often used in applications where maintenance of traditional cooling systems would be difficult or impossible, such as satellite thermal control and communications system cooling in remote locations. Thermal solutions also help extend the life of electronic equipment in rugged military system cooling applications.

Sealed Enclosures:

In applications such as power electronics or industrial system cooling, the electronic systems are in a sealed enclosure. Heat pipes provide a thermal path to the outside of the enclosure wall where the heat can be rejected either directly from the enclosure surface or with additional surface area from a heat sink structure. Devices can be connected directly to an advanced enclosure with integrated liquid cooling paths and heat exchangers for high performance cooling. Aavid heat pipes, heat exchangers, and liquid cooling technologies are incorporated in many demanding sealed enclosure cooling installations.

Multiple Heat Source Cooling Needs:

In applications such as aerospace and avionics cooling, components requiring thermal management are usually distributed throughout the aircraft or spacecraft. Heat pipes and loop heat pipes offer efficient, cost-effective solutions that don’t require fans and coolant at multiple locations.

Sustainability Needs:

Heat pipe-based technology reduces energy use, can reduce or eliminate chemicals such as lubricants and minimizes fan noise. Aavid cooling solutions are also often used in waste heat recovery applications.

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