Manufacturing Processes

Aavid’s global manufacturing facilities house a wide range of capabilities for the design and fabrication of thermal solutions. Our processes range from converting small thermal interface materials to the machining and brazing of large complex enclosures and everything in between. Aavid engineers utilize this range of manufacturing options to ensure that thermal solution and system designs feature the most appropriate technologies and construction choices.
Aavid is ISO 9001:2008 certified at all locations and AS 9100‐C and ITAR compliant at additional locations.

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Capabilities include but are not limited to:

-k-Core® System Fabrication, including Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) Growth
-Heat Pipe, Vapor Chamber, and Loop Heat Pipe Fabrication
-Liquid Cooled Cold Plates and Liquid Cooling System Fabrication, Assembly, and Integration
-Machining, Heat Treating, Quenching, and Aging
-Metal Joining: Soldering, Welding, Friction Stir‐Welding, Vacuum Brazing, CAB Brazing, Dip Brazing, Torch Brazing, Epoxy Bonding
-Interface Material Conversion
-Heat Sink Fin Fabrications: Skived, Extruded, Folded, Zipper, Bonded
-Sheet Metal Fabrication

Additional Processes:

-Counter boring
-Cutting (sawing)
-Deburring (automated)
-Slotting, drilling (CNC)
-Machining (EDM)
-Stamping (high speed)
-Epoxy isolation
-Fly cutting -Tumbling
-Milling (CNC)

Equipment Includes:

-Continuous belt sintering and brazing furnaces
-Controlled atmosphere retort furnaces
-Controlled atmosphere precision ovens
-Solder belt oven
-CVD furnace
-Vacuum braze furnace
-Vertical and horizontal CNCs
-CNC lathes
-Heavy-duty presses
-Robotic TIG welder
-Automated plasma welding systems
-Controlled atmosphere welding stations
-Ultrasonic cleaning systems
-Custom fixtures, assembly equipment and thermal test station
-Helicoil insertion gun
-Pemsert press
-Schmidt press

Chemical Processes:

-Chromate Hex
-Chromate Non - Hex
-Vapor Degrease - Trichlor
-Stencil / Marking
-Stamp / Marking

Our thermal manufacturing Quality Assurance (QA) capabilities encompass:

-Fully equipped quality laboratories
-Numerous quality certifications (ISO 9001-2000, AS9100, ISO14001)
-Externally certified G, D&T quality technicians
-Process qualification (CPK analysis, FAI submittal, customer/product specific traceability, Gage R&R study/analysis, MiniTab software)
-Extensive ANSI and MIL standards expertise such as AWS D17.1 and MIL-STD 1595