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Industries such as automotive, trucking, agriculture, construction and aerospace operate in intensely demanding environments. Difficult conditions like extreme temperatures, powerful vibration, concentrated abrasion and exposure to a variety of chemicals make it critical to select an elastomer and product design that will meet your warranty and performance goals. Our custom compounds are developed to meet the most challenging ASTM, SAE, OEM and Tier 1 specifications and are continually refined to ensure that the newest biofuel, exhaust and emission requirements are met.

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Oil, Gas & Industrial

Oil and gas pumps, fittings, valves and equipment require O-Ring and sealing solutions with exceptional performance that can withstand constant exposure to extreme pressure, heat and harsh chemicals in a wide-variety of sizes. Boyd’s specialty compounds include peroxide and triazine-cured perfluoroelastomers that help ensure heat and chemical resistance with the longest service life possible in dimensions up to 100” ID. Norsok M710 and Nace TM0297-tested elastomers ensure requirements are surpassed for all rapid gas decompression (RGD) environments.

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Medical devices require O-Rings and rubber seals manufactured in cleanrooms to meet USP VI standards for patient safety, to comply with traceability standards and to perform as intended for the full lifecycle of the device.

We provide high quality O-Rings and seals for a wide variety of medical necessities such as stethoscopes, syringes, connectors and drug delivery devices. Our products exceed the medical industry’s demands for excellent quality, shortened lead time, exceptional value and customer experience.

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Water or dust ingress protection and semi-conductor vacuum applications present in consumer electronics demand sealing solutions and O-Rings that are manufactured in the cleanest environments. We offer a variety of cleanroom manufacturing environments ranging from Class 100 to Class 100K. Particulate and contaminant-free O-Rings are available in a wide variety of compounds, including clear or white for enhanced purity, electrical resistance for UL compliance, measured conductivity and special measures to lower outgassing.

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Food & Beverage

Food processing, liquid dispensing and water component markets require compliance to many regulations. Boyd’s O-Rings are designed to exceed the requirements of organizations such as the FDA, NSF-61, 3A sanitary and a variety of international water specifications. Our specific food and beverage O-Rings are all manufactured with specific ingredients which are listed in the US Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 177.2600) for rubber articles intended for frequented use in contact with dry or aqueous food.

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