Dust Ingress & Sealing

Ingress protection is critical to reliable, high quality device performance and longevity. Particulates can damage sensitive components or scratch and erode critical surfaces. Environmental seals and Ingress Protection (IP) solutions protect products from dust, sand and other contaminants encountered in harsh operating conditions.

Boyd’s environmental seals are manufactured using a variety of methodologies to match dimensional, performance and shape requirements with cost and volume expectations. For aesthetic applications, custom color and texture matching assure your product consistently meets your brand guidelines with quick time to market and innovative tooling design.

Rubber and Plastic Air Valve

Dust Ingress & Sealing Solutions:

Light green air filter

Air Filters

Filter contaminants from intake air to protect sensitive internal operating environments cooled by active air solutions like fan and heatsink combinations.

Molded Rubber Shifter Boot

Rubber Bellows & Shifter Boots

Protect mechanical assemblies and joints from dust and debris damage.

Mesh air filter material and molded guard filter assemblies

Particle Filters & Guards

Woven metal and synthetic wire mesh or reticulated foam with custom designed apertures optimized to filter specific particles and molded guard filter assemblies to protect openings and ports from contamination ingress.

Molded Rubber Caps and Plugs

Plugs & Caps

Protect assemblies from contamination ingress with plugs and caps designed to cover, fill and protect ports, gaps, plugs and other areas of exposure while not in use.

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