Airflow Management

Efficient management of airflow in and around high speed transportation equipment is key to optimizing fuel efficiency and operating costs. A recirculation shield, also referenced as baffle assemblies or under hood air flow management, is intended to help control the flow of air in engine compartment areas of various transportation vehicles, most commonly heavy duty or class 8 trucks. Transportation vehicle designers must also combat the impact of air drag as it moves down or around a vehicle. Critical designs to manage air behind a class 8 truck cab, like a flex extender, or under a freight trailer, like an aero skirt, help to decrease drag as well. These highly engineered air shields, flex extenders and aero skirts help OEMs meet efficiency targets through effective aerodynamic design, radiator airflow management and air drag reduction. These complex aerodynamic components redirect air around the inefficient designs, like a radiator assembly, to other areas of the truck more efficient at managing air and reducing drag.

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  • Direct air flow & eliminate under hood air recirculation for improved aerodynamics
  • Full baffle assemblies with various attachment options for any custom need
  • Complementary & related components for full radiator system airflow management design assistance
  • Behind cab flex extenders to prevent air from entering space between truck cab & trailer
  • Under trailer aero skirt to redirect airflow to the back of a trailer


  • Commonly features a resilient & flexible rubber or plastic attached to a firm & dense bracket for secure installation
  • Resilient material options: flexible or rigid low cost recycled fiber-reinforced masticated rubber, cloth inserted rubber sheeting, unsupported rubber sheeting, single to multiple ply conveyor belting for increased tensile & tear strength, flexible or rigid TPR / TPV plastic compounds, rigid polypropylene & polyethylene plastic compounds
  • Bracket material options: steel, aluminum or very firm TPV plastic
  • Various surface finish treatments for metal brackets: e-coat, powder coat, plating, wet paint
  • Attachment options: riveted, stitched, stapled or glued
  • Innovative designs for less demanding applications include solutions that are dual or tri-extruded from thermoplastics at various durometers, eliminating the need for multi components and saving assembly steps

Market Applications:

  • Radiator shrouds
  • Flex extenders & aero skirts
  • Recirculation shield, baffle assemblies
  • Radiator air flow management
  • Complementary radiator system components: coolant & radiator hoses, clamps, fan shroud rings, seals, metal brackets, molded rubber bumpers, edge trim, hose assemblies with clamps


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