Molded & Environmental Seals

Complex, three dimensional solutions for sealing against dynamic and harsh environments.

Molded & Environmental Seals

Dust Ingress & Sealing    Airflow Management    Liquid Management     Surface Seals & Protection     Assembly Solutions

Molded rubber and plastic components are ideal for sealing out environmental hazards like fluid, dust, and debris in more complex and dynamic shapes than gaskets or extruded seals. Boyd’s environmental sealing solutions keep dust and debris out from sensitive equipment, manage or direct airflow, divert and transport liquids, and seal surfaces against the elements.

Boyd’s manufacturing services includes processes like injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding or formed or multi-shot over-molding. We can mix and match these technologies to produce complex dust ingress and environmental sealing solutions for a broad range of your application requirements.

Dust Ingress & Sealing

Environmental seals are essential to sealing out particulate that can scratch, wear or erode critical surfaces or damage sensitive components. By keeping out dust, sand and other objects, Ingress Protection (IP) seals ensure your products endure harsh operating conditions.

Boyd utilizes a broad range of manufacturing technologies to meet specific shape, dimensional, and performance requirements with innovative and cost-effective tooling and quick time to market. We can also color and texture match to ensure your product has a consistent design and look while continuing to meet demanding sealing and use requirements.

  • Air Filters
  • Rubber Bellows & Shifter Boots
  • Plugs & Caps
  • Particle Filters & Guards

Airflow Management

Boyd has a variety of solutions to help you manage airflow in complex systems and products. Whether you’re directing hot or cool air within an enclosure with baffles, shrouds or filters, or improving aerodynamics and airflow with fairing extensions, Boyd’s airflow management products can help you optimize system performance.

Boyd’s air management assemblies are custom designed for a wide variety of applications with varying needs in temperature range performance, chemical exposure resistance, burst and vacuum pressures, and other metrics with excellent tooling design and costs as well as quick development cycles. We are well experienced in meeting industry standards including but not limited to SAEJ20, SAE J30, SAE J2045, ASTM D2000, DIN73411, DIN73379.

  • Air Baffles
  • Air Ducts
  • Air Filters

Liquid Management

Contain liquids and manage fluid flow with Boyd’s liquid management solutions. Custom and hydraulic hoses help direct liquids in-between components like heat exchangers, liquid cold plates, radiators and hydraulic devices. Products like bottom pans are used to direct excess moisture and water from RV slide out systems. Blow molded tanks keep liquids sealed and protected for later use.

Boyd’s experienced field application engineers collaborate with you to ensure requirements like performance, cost savings, and project deadlines are met.

Surface Seals & Protection

Surface seals and protection are ideal for rugged equipment and surfaces that are subject to high amounts of wear and tear. With the installation of the right surface seals and protection solution, you can extend the lifetime of expensive equipment and reduce warranty claims.

From the first step into the cabin, to operator controls and even to your cup holder, Boyd has a variety of molded and converted solutions to meet demanding conditions.

  • Cup Holders
  • Floor Mats
  • Keypad & Button Covers
  • Pedal Pads
  • Step Tread

Assembly Solutions

Streamline production runs with completed assembly solutions such as hose and window assemblies. By utilizing Boyd’s value-added assembly solutions, you can decrease assembly costs and bill-of-material complexity, simplify sourcing and increase production speed.

With strong design support and expertise in molded and extruded plastic and bent aluminum extrusion frames and connectors, Boyd’s expert design teams work with you to create a durable solution customized for your specific assembly application.

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