Static Seals & Trim

Finishing components help to cover and seal final assembled gaps and seams in a vehicle, giving customers a clean, finished look. Static seals carefully protect against moisture and contaminant damage. These sealing solutions are intended to be installed permanently for long term, reliable application performance.

Boyd engineers are experts in designing and selecting materials and specialty compounds for trim and static seal solutions. Incorporating additional functionality by combining multiple manufacturing processes like overmolding, polymer extrusion, precision converting and adhesive system fabrication allows Boyd to deliver integrated solutions that are easy to install, help reduce weight and supply chain complexity.

Extruded Polymer static seals and trim with foam, rubber and integrated attachment features or adhesive

Static Seals & Trim Solutions:

Rubber Extruded Side Molding with integrated attachment feature

Side Molding

Protect vehicles from parked damage with a clean finished look.

Extruded Polymer Finishing Trim

Finishing Trim

Finish mating component gaps and seams with finishing trim optimal for a clean, finished look for both internal and external environments.

Integrated Foam and Rubber CoExtruded Drip Rail Molding

Drip Rail Molding

Control water run-off and prevent damage with extruded drip rail moldings

Extruded Foam Isolator Seals and Trim

Isolator Seals

Dampen mechanical vibration from harsh road conditions for improved quality and long term functionality of the components and systems installed in an application

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