Static & Dynamic Compression Seals

A long term, reliable seal between two mating surfaces can be efficiently achieved by combining compressive force and pliable polymeric materials for both static and dynamic environments. Transportation vehicle doors, trunks, venting quarter glass, hood and window seals are common compression seals used to protect against environmental ingress like water, dust, insects and other contaminants.

Creative seal designs and material formulations can be fabricated with integrated assembly features for ease of installation making D-Bulb seals and window, door and hood seals efficient for value-chain assembly. Additional performance features can be designed into these integrated solutions to help control run-off direction and manage mechanical vibration and acoustic damping. Multi-functional, integrated solutions allow customers to simplify supply chains and assembly operations for a reduced total cost of ownership.

Coextruded polymer rubber and foam compression seals with and without webbing

Static & Dynamic Compression Sealing Solutions:

D-Bulb Seals

Seal two flat surfaces with an affordable solution that protects against water and dust contamination.

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Hood Seals

Protect the engine compartment from excessive water and dirt and decrease hood wear-and-tear through mechanical shock and vibration damping.

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Door Seals

Control passenger cabin comfort with door seals that protect the internal environment and prevent contamination from the external environment.

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Window Compression Seals

Seal out water, wind and dust from window openings for greater reliable and consumer comfort.

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