Dynamic & RV Seals

Sliding surfaces exhibit high levels of friction. Finding a seal that protects against contamination and ingress while reliably withstanding friction for sliding surfaces can be a challenge. Boyd’s dynamic extruded seals are specially designed to exceed the environmental seal requirements of a compression seal with added functionality to withstand the frictional element of repeated sliding. Specialty compound formulation expertise combined with innovative extrusion process design enables Boyd to help customers develop high performance, long lasting dynamic wiper seals – most commonly featured in Recreational Vehicles for failure-critical slide-out rooms. Boyd’s dynamic seals are also designed to protect vehicle windows as they are opened and closed.

RV seals from Boyd are fully integrated solutions that solve multiple performance challenges in one system including wiping debris from a slide-out room as it is retracted and sealing the RV against water, wind, dust, insects and other debris while the slide-out room is both extended or retracted. The slide-out room system seals campers and trailers while parked, maximizing consumer comfort during use. Slide-out room sealing systems are also designed to optimize sealing performance on the road, protecting against road debris and wear-and-tear from excessive road vibration through mechanical damping to protect both the trailer and slide-out room walls. Boyd’s EK Sealing Systems innovate slide-out room sealing performance by incorporating a detachable D-Bulb seal for retracted room protection. The slide-out room D-Seal is the most heavily worn component of the sealing system. Boyd’s EK Sealing System features a patented detachable D-Seal that allows quick and easy repair and maintenance.

Cross Section of Rubber Extrusions

Dynamic & RV Seals Solutions:

RV & EK Sealing Systems

Protect slide-out rooms in RVs while parked or on the road with dynamic extruded wiper and compression seals.


Window Weather-Stripping

Seal out contamination, water and debris while sealing in climate-controlled cabin environments with long lasting dynamic window seals.


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