Extrusions & Linear Seals

Rubber and plastic polymeric extrusions for linear sealing and gasketing

Extrusions & Linear Seals

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Polymeric extrusions are ideal for seals, wipers, bulb seals, and integrated latching and connector structures. Boyd’s precision extrusion technologies utilize various rubber and plastic compounds, customized to customer specific performance parameters by tailoring compound selection, component design, tool design, and cure processes for optimized vulcanization.

Boyd’s innovative engineering team designs extrusion processes that can coextrude up to four different polymeric materials in one profile and multiple colors for the most complex application needs. For your more rugged applications, our processes also enable us to incorporate mesh or webbing for additional strength. for rugged applications.

Our precision converting expertise enables us to combine plastic and rubber extrusions with other products like adhesives or foams to create comprehensive and durable sealing solutions for our customers.