Extrusions & Linear Seals

Rubber and plastic polymeric extrusions for linear sealing and gasketing

Extrusions & Linear Seals

Static & Dynamic Compression Seals    Dynamic & RV Seals    Static Seals & Trim

Polymeric extrusions are ideal for seals, wipers, bulb seals, and integrated latching and connector structures. Boyd’s precision extrusion technologies utilize various rubber and plastic compounds, customized to customer specific performance parameters by tailoring compound selection, component design, tool design, and cure processes for optimized vulcanization.

Boyd’s innovative engineering team designs extrusion processes that can coextrude up to four different polymeric materials in one profile and multiple colors for the most complex application needs. For your more rugged applications, our processes also enable us to incorporate mesh or webbing for additional strength. for rugged applications.

Our precision converting expertise enables us to combine plastic and rubber extrusions with other products like adhesives or foams to create comprehensive and durable sealing solutions for our customers.

Static & Dynamic Compression Seals

Compression Seals enable reliable sealing between two flat surfaces pressed together. Dynamic Compression Seals ensure that the two mating surfaces are repeatedly and consistently sealed each time they’re pressed together. Compression seals are commonly used as weather-stripping for vehicles to prevent environmental ingress for doors, trunks, venting quarter glass, and pop out windows.

With the right materials, design, and production, Compression Seals like D-Bulb Seals, and Window, Door & Hood Seals are easy to install with integrated clip features and seal against moisture and particles reliably. Extruded seal designs can also integrate features which help channel run-off toward the ground and away from where it can collect and rust to prevent moisture from building up and rusting your end product. Customers can simplify their bill-of-materials, supply chain, and assembly with comprehensive Compression Seal solutions from Boyd with options for primary door seals and secondary door seals, and trunk seals.

Dynamic & RV Seals

Dynamic Extruded Seals include solutions that seal against a sliding surface, like vehicle windows and RV slide-outs. Dynamic seals not only meet all the environmental resistance requirements of compression seals, but also have an added frictional element for withstanding repeated sliding which can easily wear out seals. With Boyd’s experienced material experts and extrusion designers, we assist customers in developing and producing long lasting, high performance, dynamic wiper seals for their demanding applications.

Boyd’s RV seals are integrated wiper, sealing, and moisture control systems that make for a single comprehensive solution for RV slide out sealing. Our EK Sealing System incorporates a detachable D-Bulb portion that enables cost-effective component replacement without replacing the entire extrusion. The EK Sealing system is available in a variety of options and materials to meet your specific needs.

Static Seals & Trim

Extruded Static Seals and Trim are sealing solutions for permanent installation. Static Seals can be part of finishing trim on a vehicle, pillars, glass run channels, or hood and trunk isolator seals to seal out moisture and complete the look of a vehicle.

Boyd utilizes high performance material compositions for static seal and trim solutions. With high precision processes like overmolding, polymer extrusion, and precision converting, Boyd can both formulate, design, and manufacture optimal Static Seal and Trim solutions. Seals & Trim can also be paired with bonding and adhesive systems for easy installation and lightweighting weight reduction.

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