Integrated Display Gaskets

Electrical shielding, thermal spreading, vibration absorption & bonding display technologies in a streamlined solution.

Display Components

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What are OLED and LED display components?

Screen display technologies, LCD and/or OLED, require supporting components that enable them to function or enhance performance. These supporting solutions help enhance device operation over extended periods of time, including screen bonding systems, vibration management, optically clear adhesive (OCA), window tape, barrier film and thermal management.

Why are OLED and LED display components important?

The functionality of electronic display modules relies on the performance of every component within the screen assembly, including gaskets and cushions, helping to protect against dust, moisture and shock or vibration impact. Raw material selection is a foundation of the longevity of the display module; the module needs to be able to withstand environmental and use conditions of the final product. Selection of innovative, stable materials impacts the ability to hold ultra-tight tolerances required in OLED and LED display technologies. Ultra-tight tolerance on input components protects sensitive content behind the display from environmental and contaminant factors.

Any sort of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) introduced into a display assembly reduces the functionality, accuracy and customer satisfaction of the final product. One particular input material drastically impacted by FOD is optically clear adhesive (OCA), a critical component in OLED/ LED display technology and one of the most challenging materials to die-cut and handle. OCAs are critical to ultimate screen clarity, contrast, and minimized reflection.

Boyd’s superior cleanroom capabilities prevent FOD from entering critical display components during the manufacturing process. Boyd’s Class 100 cleanroom precision converting environments and excellent historical OCA manufacturing quality make us the global leader in optically clear adhesive custom fabrication and die cutting.

Boyd’s expertise in advanced rotary die cut converting with ultra-tight tolerances, superior cleanroom facilities, and innovative material selections are critical to the high design and manufacturing designs of display module components. Our creative approach to manufacturing and rotary die cutting pushes the limits of component integration, enabling customers to produce cutting edge products. Utilizing our world class precision converting and manufacturing engineering knowledge to combine multiple unique products into a single, simple deliverable, Boyd helps customers reduce supply chain and assembly complexity.

What is segmented frame technology and why is it special?

Traditional full window frame designs drive a high amount of material waste and converted bill of material (BOM) costs. Boyd’s innovative segmented frame manufacturing technology for display lens adhesives and window tape gaskets allows Boyd to replace these full frame solutions. Segmented frame solutions are yield-optimized assemblies that have zero gap tolerance and are delivered to the assembly chain in a format optimized for automated or manual assembly operations. Boyd segmented frame display components reduce waste cost, increase material utilization and significantly reduce overall customer cost.

Boyd’s OLED and LCD display components can incorporate optimized sealing, thermal and protection solutions such as EMI, thermal spreading & insulation, sealing, encapsulating, vibration absorption & cushioning, barriers, in one, cohesive deliverable.